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 5 Most Popular BGM Ringtones 2022 | Ringtones Guru

When I heard this phrase I did not understand the meaning of BGM so then I asked my brother about this and then he tell me that BGM means Background Music after that whenever I listen to any music which I love I immediately find it and want to have that tone as my ringtone and then I thought I should share this BGM ringtones to you guys as well, so here are the ringtones with most badass BGM and you will definitely gonna love it. These BGM ringtones are from some of your favorite movies and latest songs as well.

If you haven’t watched our video on youtube then just click on the video which is given below and watch this video before going any further in this article if you love these tones then don’t forget to let us know by commenting down below.

**Intro Tone :

Kaththi Theme Ringtone :

This is a really energetic song and whenever anyone someone feels low, they can just listen to it and lighten up their mood, so if you want an energetic ringtone for your phone, this can be your option.

1. Beast Mode Ringtone :

This ringtone from the 2022 movie “Beast” is one of the best ringtones, Vijay always comes with movies which has top-notch music in it, every movie of his has music that becomes the super hit ringtone later.

Download Ringtone of this music which has literally those lines after those you will surely feel the goosebumps.

2. Rolex Theme Ringtone Download :

There are certain persons who are famous for a particular type of music and Aniruddha is one of those people who made some of the best BGM ringtones and which we all like and love, this BGM tone is super killer.

Every person who is a fan of South Indian Movies gonna love this BGM and not just those who love south Indian music but others will also love this music.

3. Petta Theme Ringtone :

And as we were previously talking this BGM tone is also made by the same person who has the best skills ṭo make this type of BGM ringtone, and after listening to all the ringtones from this article you will be surely confused that which is best.

Rajnikant is the person who made us all proud with his movies and other social work as well, and this movie was his comeback movie.

4. The Maari Swag Ringtone Download :

“Maari” is a movie that had an immense fan following after the release of this movie, when we had a fest in our college many students were dressed as Dhanush and this tone is ringing on their phones as their entry tone.

We all love this movie, but behind the huge success of this movie, the music of this movie also played an important role.

5. JD Intro Ringtone Download 

This ringtone is damn addictive and as I am appreciating Aniruddha a lot and for this ringtone, I want to appreciate the talent of this guy, this guy has so much talent for him, that every song made by him becomes a superhit.

This ringtone is best for those who wanted to have such ringtone which is addictive and powerful as well.
**Bonus Tone :

Darbar Theme Ringtone :

We all love the energy which Rajnikant possesses at this age, he is one of the great actors our industry will have and this article is dedicated to the composer Aniruddha Ravichandran, so this is also one of the best beats made by him.

This tone was used by my ringtone when the movie was released after two years it still feels so fresh and has the same vibes in it, when we listen to any kind of music, the vibes which the music give is most important.

**Personal Favorite :

Master The Blaster Ringtone Download Mp3 :

“Master The Blaster” was the movie that I personally love and when I came from the theater after watching this movie all I remember was the tone this movie has that moment I decided that I will have this tone as my ringtone.

This BGM become a superhit and after this Aniruddha received so much more fame, now Aniruddha is one of the biggest and most famous musicians in India.
**All Ringtones In Zip File :
If you loved all the ringtones from this article and want to download them all without wasting any time then just click on the “Download” button which is given below and in no time you will have each and every ringtone in your phone.

Hope after this article you also become a fan of this talented musician “Aniruddha Ravichander” who gave so much to this music industry and who is just the absolute best in whatever work he does, no one can beat him in this field. Have a lovely day ahead 🙂


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